Course Description

In this workshop, participants will learn to assume the role of a digital forensic analyst to gain an understanding of basic computer forensics and how to apply these skills in an investigation of financial fraud. Each participant will gain knowledge of various aspects of a fraud investigation as well how to apply digital forensic concepts in an investigation.   The focus of the workshop is on analysis and reporting, with specific emphasis on digital forensic models.  Participants will also gain basic familiarity with tools and techniques used by practitioners in a digital fraud case as well as relevant federal laws governing the use of digital evidence in court.  Finally, the participants will receive hands-on training on digital forensics and fraud investigative techniques in the Day 2 practical lab where they will simulate an investigation from data collection to presentation of fraud related findings.
The workshop will be organized and designed to show students the full data driven fraud detection methodology: Identification, Collection, Preparation, Analysis, Reporting.
Students enrolling in this workshop are required to have the following technology:
  • Window based laptop with functional USB ports
  • Operating system must be Windows as the course is in Windows
  • Office 2010 or later version with Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access (MS Office for Mac will not work.)
  • Administrative rights to download software

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the workshop, students will be able to:
•Analyze structured and unstructured data from enterprise systems and other data sources
•Understand how forensic analysts work together with other teams
•Explain preservation strategies including data and custodian identification and proper evidence handling
•Implement data-driven fraud detection methodology
•Identify and learn common techniques in fraud detection currently used in the large global fraud investigations
•Complete digital forensic and data analyses from collection to the presentation of findings

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