Course Description

No matter where you are on the spectrum of unconscious bias and race awareness, in America you are swimming in it 24/7.

Anchored in dozens of facts about our U.S. history that most of us never learned in school, this 2-day intensive workshop is an experiential, personal exploration of race and its impact on our perspectives that is guaranteed to give you an experience of diversity, not just a discussion about it.

You will be part of an intimate, truly multi-racial group as you learn about the lived experience of Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color (BIPOC) in America.  

Targeted for leaders and professionals who are puzzling out how to embody genuine inclusion in order to respond in an authentic way to 2020’s racial protests, this approach, tested over 5 years, unlocks a depth of connection and learning unprecedented in mixed race company.

And the payoff? If you are willing to become curious instead of careful in mixed race conversations, you will be at the forefront of unlocking the enormous human potential buried in today's and tomorrow’s organizations.


Our purpose is to equip you to take a constructive role in the daily work of dismantling the subtle racism so often hiding in our human interactions.  By learning to recognize the invisible daily personal choice points that we usually ignore, you will learn to reach across race with deeper listening, curiosity, and courage to act in ways that promote mutual understanding, appreciation and respect.

Course Outline

Module 1: Race Through Age And Stage- a personal journey of your story about race and how it shaped your formative years.

Module 2: Race in America a 2.5 hour interactive historical look at the role and impact of race and how it frames the America we live in.

Module 3: Race in Mixed Company the majority of our time will be in interactive exercises carefully curated to help you recognize choice points and become more authentic in your interactions across race.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to:

• Challenge your hidden assumptions around race;

• Recognize differences between the everyday experiences for white and for BIPOC people in America;

• Demonstrate the courage to stay curious instead of careful, say what you’re really thinking, and ask what you’re really wondering in racially mixed groups;

• Understand what it means to be genuine in racially mixed groups, both professionally and personally, getting beyond the myth of colorblindness.


A Note about the Many Other Dimensions of Identity - There are MANY dimensions of personal identity, and we do not in any way mean to diminish other forms such as gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, etc. It is because of the life and death nature of the race dynamic in the U.S. that we find it to be especially powerful as the place to start in building a mindset of authentic inclusion.

When Registering, it is necessary to ask you to identify your race during the registration process so that we can staff the event to provide you the level of diversity that is so rare in American neighborhoods and organizations today. 



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