Managers and executives in any profession will find this 6-week highly interactive hands-on bootcamp to be highly valuable in developing a financial literacy that is essential in making informed strategic decisions.


You will learn how to examine financial statements, review cash flows, perform ratio analysis, apply the process of planning and controlling a budget, make strategic allocation decisions, and determine the value and financial health of an organization.


By the end of the bootcamp, participants will not only be better prepared to manage and understand financial performance, but also be more creative and innovative critical and strategic thinkers. You will be prepared to immediately apply the practical knowledge gained during the bootcamp.


Module Topics

Introduction to Financial Statements

Preparing Financial Statements

Analyzing Financial Statements

Cost Management and Controls

- Components of Internal Control

- Managerial Costing Concepts

The Art of Finance Pro-Forma Analysis

- Pro-forma projections

- Application of IRR and DCF concepts

Financial Statement Quality of Earnings Analysis – A Case Study

  • - Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

  • - Applying Select financial ratios

  • - Quality of earnings analysis

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