Module Topics


Friday Class Meeting

6:30 - 9:30 pm

Module Ending



Knowing You - Your Leadership identity (B White)

April 22

April 28


Managing to lead, leaders as a coach, and situational leadership) (B White)

April 29

May 5


Valuing diversity & inclusion (B White)

May 6

May 12


Communicating effectively (B White)

May 13

May 19


Designing & innovating (J. Lindsay)

May 20

May 26


Marketing for a competitive advantage (J. Lindsay)

May 27

June 2


Influencing and motivating performance (D. McCabe)

June 3

June 9


Easter Holiday




Collaborating, negotiating, and resolving conflict (D. McCabe)

June 10

June 16


Managing budgets and resources (S. Brown)

June 17

June 23


Decision-making & problem solving (S. Brown)

June 24

June 30

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