Course Description

Python is a powerful, widely-used, general-purpose, high-level programming language that is freely available. It has broad application from web development to data analysis. Python is often used to teach introductory programming because it is easy to learn. However, Python is also used by professional software developers at organizations such as Google, NASA, and Lucasfilm Ltd.

This workshop is an introduction to Python for data analysis. Students learn how to get started using Python as a tool for data analysis. Starting with the basics, students learn to navigate using the command line, download and install Python 3.7 (or later), select an integrated development environment (IDE) and text editor, and begin to write basic scripts. Students also learn about Python's powerful libraries for data analysis and scientific computing, and are introduced to GitHub for collaboration and version-control in software development.    

Note: This workshop is not required for students in the Certificate in Data Science program but it is strongly encouraged for students with little experience or background in programming.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Navigate using the command line interface (CLI)
  • Download and install Python 3.7 (or later) on their computer
  • Choose an appropriate integrated development environment (IDE) and text editor
  • Gain familiarity with Python syntax, data types, and control flow
  • Write and run basic Python scripts
  • Understand how and why Python is used by data scientists
  • Conduct basic data analysis using Python's data analysis libraries, specifically MatPlotLib and Pandas
  • Become familiar with development tools necessary for collaborative Python development such as git/Github and virtualenv


This course is an open enrollment course. No application is required and registration is available by clicking "Add to Cart." Current students must register with their Georgetown NetID and password. New students will be prompted to create an account prior to registration.

Please review the refund policies in our Student Handbook before completing your registration.

Course Prerequisites

Experience Prerequisites

  • Some prior experience with data analysis using Excel
  • Prior experience programming in Python or scripting is a plus, but not required.

Hardware Prerequisites

  1. A laptop with at least a dual core 1.8 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 20 GB free hard disk space (e.g. a laptop purchased in the past two years).
  2. A modern operating system: Windows 7 or newer, OS X 10.6 or newer, or Ubuntu 12.04 or newer, or the equivalent. OS X and Linux are strongly encouraged.
  3. A command prompt available (Powershell on Windows, Terminal on OS X or Linux).

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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Jul 20, 2024 to Jul 27, 2024
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Course Tuition
Tuition non-credit $0.00
Required Software
Computing Requirements Students will be expected to use a personal laptop to complete analytics and programming workshops and a Capstone project. Students should have administrative access and be able to install required course software and libraries. We recommend the following minimum computing requirements: A laptop with at least a dual-core 1.8 GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and 20 GB free hard disk space (e.g. a laptop purchased in the past two years). A modern operating system: Windows 10 or newer (updated to the latest semi-annual channel version), OS X 10.15 Catalina or newer, or Ubuntu 20.04 or newer (or an equivalent Linux distribution). OS X and Linux are strongly encouraged. Administrator access on your system to install new software. Python 3.8 (or later) or Anaconda 2020.07 (or later) installed on your system. A command prompt available (Powershell on Windows, Terminal on OS X or Linux).
Section Notes

Registration in XBUS-490 - 030 (Custom Section# 201) Python Basics for Data Analysis is free and restricted to professional learners who have been accepted and registered into XBUS-750 Data Science.

For more information about application to the Data Science certificate, please contact PDCprograms@georgetown.edu.

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