Course Description

This exciting program is designed for individuals who are interested in exploring the principles of human transformation. This 4-module virtual, experiential program will explore the critical elements of transformation. The framework and tools can be applied to various levels of system including, individual, group, and system. The curriculum is aimed at bringing the latest research and understanding to the topic of transformation. Topics will include creating a building a vision for change, models of change/transition, neuroscience, strategies for planned change, creating accountability and support for change. The program will provide theoretical understanding as well as the opportunity to apply the learning to a personal growth area. Participants will apply the principles to a personal transformation throughout the course. This course will include large group and small practice group activities. This program is designed for anyone interested in becoming an agent of change including leaders, coaches, consultants and facilitators.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Transformation

In this first module, participants will learn the foundational models and critical elements of transformation. It will explore the conditions necessary to initiate a transformation process. This will include identification of “watershed” moments and the elements of human experience. The module will introduce practices and tools for increasing self-awareness as a basis for a successful transformation.

Module 2: Setting the Stage for Transformation

In Module 2, participants will explore the role creating a vision plays in transformation as well as how to assess their current state relative to the desired future. They will formulate a vision for their own future relative to a personal transformation. They learn the role of accurately assessing the current state relative to the vision of the future state and conduct an assessment of their own current state. Participants will explore the internal and external strengths and barriers to transformation.

Module 3: Science-Based Strategies for Navigating Transformation

Module 3 focuses on the science of transformation. Topics will include the latest neuroscience and adult development theories underpinning transformation. Participants will examine the challenges and barriers to successfully transform as well as how to construct a path forward based on science. Critical elements required to support the transformation including accountability and feedback will be explored.

Module 4: Sustaining Transformation and Extending Transformation for Long-Term Growth

In Module 4, participants will learn the importance of creating systems for supporting and extending change and transformation. They will learn how to develop practices to support ongoing transformation as well as the importance of on-going support, feedback and accountability. Participants will discuss the importance of ongoing reflection as a critical element of ongoing growth.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • Construct a personal definition of transformation
  • Explain the critical elements and phases of transformation
  • Design a science based plan for supporting transformation
  • Apply the elements of transformation on a personal or leadership challenge

Read more here from faculty Bill Pullen on Transformation.  

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