Course Description

It is commonly believed that we can change our behavior by reasoning or thinking, but biologically, this is inaccurate. We don’t change by thinking. The body is the most direct and fastest route to change. The vast majority of our behavior is generated on autopilot because it happens outside of our consciousness. We operate on learned habits and instincts 95-99% of the time. We believe we are choosing how to behave, but our rational mind plays a limited role in producing behavior. The body plays a far greater role than we have previously thought in our perception. Body intelligence is the next frontier in leadership development.

Body Intelligence in Leadership is designed for individuals who are looking to develop their natural inner resources to navigate the complexities of today’s world. Based in neuroscience, biology, and physiology, this 6-module, highly experiential program introduces theories and practices related to the wisdom of the body. Participants learn impactful tools that can be implemented immediately and will set the foundation for a life-long journey of harnessing their bodies’ intelligence in a range of circumstances, including, but not limited to, ones that involve pressure or conflict.

This virtual program offers a methodology for assessing how our bodies organize under pressure and provides simple and powerful exercises that help us access more skillful ways of understanding ourselves and interacting with others. Body intelligence is critical to how other people experience us.

This virtual program is designed for professionals including: leaders looking to enhance their executive presence, supervisors, team members, HR leaders, consultants, facilitators and coaches.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Body Intelligence

The first module will introduce participants to neuroscience theories related to body intelligence. This includes how humans develop and become shaped by our life experiences, and how to recognize our bodies’ patterns. We will clarify the distinction between sensation, emotion, mood, and thoughts. We will also introduce participants to the language of the body and centering techniques.

Module 2 From Reactivity to Responsiveness

Every day leaders encounter challenges that can test their patience and disrupt their equilibrium. We might hold our breath, clench our teeth, raise our voice, or we might simply freeze. In Module 2, we will integrate wisdom from neuroscience to help us identify the early signs of stress and reactivity. We will practice techniques that help us center and restore equilibrium, and build new patterns and habits that create a felt sense of inclusion. Practices will include managing yourself and preserving relationships while receiving feedback and experiencing conflict.

Module 3: Cultivating Presence

A mindful leadership presence is a critical leadership skill. This module explores how our identities and experiences influence our “default” presence, and how we can intentionally amplify and modulate our presence to meet the needs of the situation. We will explore what presence means, how it impacts others, and how it impacts you. We offer some techniques for aligning your intention to your impact through your presence.

Module 4: State Shifting: Seeing Ourselves and Others

In this session we will build our capacity to recognize our emotional and energetic states, and how our familiar patterns have been shaped by the various identities we each hold. We will expand our tolerance for discomfort in service of discerning messages our bodies are sending us. We will practice pausing, interrupting, and shifting states.

Module 5: Relationship with Self and Others

As leaders, managers, coaches, and educators, relationships are paramount. We learn and work in relationship. Relationships require self-awareness, an ability to tune in to others and a practice of setting healthy boundaries. This module will focus on the ability to listen deeply and tune in to others’ emotional states. We will practice making requests and setting boundaries while preserving relationship.

Module 6: Vision in Action

This session will focus on using your body to bring forward what is important to you while including others. Practices will include how to move toward and maintain commitment to your vision. This session will integrate all the materials and concepts presented in the program. It will address how to deepen and sustain your practices after the program’s conclusion.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the intelligence of the body and access a centered state of flow.
  • Recognize the information transmitted through the body in order to increase awareness, sharpen clarity, and enhance skillful action.
  • Modulate our presence to meet the needs of a given situation
  • Shift from a reactive state to a responsive, skillful state while under pressure.
  • Apply new skills to strengthen relationships with self and others.

Read more on Body Intelligence: Coming Home by faculty Marcia Feola, MCC.


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Marcia Feola, MCC is a principal in PowerfulWork LLC, a DC area-based consulting firm which specializes in developing and training extraordinary leaders to manage more effectively, design more efficient and thoughtful work systems, inspire and engage the workforce and lead with confidence, clarity and purpose. She has over 30 years of experience as an executive, organization development consultant, executive coach and educator. Marcia is a Master Certified Coach. She draws from neuroscience, mindfulness and leadership embodiment to support her clients to identify their strengths, develop their executive presence and embody their leadership in all areas of their lives. She is a certified Somatic Coach and Leadership Embodiment Coach. She is on the faculty in Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership in the Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership Program and Principles of Transformation.

Lisa Silverberg, Leadership Coach and Consultant. With more than 20 years of experience in building the capacity of leaders, teams, organizations and coalitions, Lisa supports leaders working for justice on practices relating to use-of-self, managing people, changing culture, re-designing structure, improving processes, and building resonance, relationships and collaborations.  She leverages recent findings in neuroscience and somatics to help leaders focus not only on what they are doing as leaders, but who they are being as leaders.  She encourages clients to examine their leadership through multiple lenses, including those related to power and privilege as experienced via our dominant and subordinated identities. It is her hope and experience that by building awareness and skill, people and organizations are better able to dismantle beliefs, narratives, structures and systems that perpetuate racism and limit our respective and collective ability to bring our full selves forward to express our gifts into the world. Lisa is the Director of Georgetown University’s Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership program and is certified in MBTI, FEBI, the ILS Inventory and Andiron’s Polarity Navigator. Clients share that Lisa brings optimism, compassion, and integrity, as well as joy, play, and humor to her work -- not necessarily in that order!

Sharon Newport, CAE is an organizational development consultant and a certified association executive who partners with leaders to advance their organization’s cultural and strategic goals. Using neuroscience, mindfulness, leadership embodiment and coaching, along with lenses for equity and inclusion, Sharon helps her clients actualize their most resourced, empowered and authentic selves. As an award-winning leader in the non-profit association community, Sharon is passionate about the mission driven work of her association clients. She is an international facilitator and speaker who spent over a decade working as an actor and documentary film/television producer with programs on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.  Sharon is an alumna of Georgetown University’s Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership program.


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