Course Description

The world is changing at an ambiguous and rapid pace. To enable a sustainable, successful, and even compassionate future for both ourselves and the world, we are being called to respond by developing a new set of skills and behaviors to meet the ever-increasing complexity. Our term for this is entrepreneurial leadership capacity. At the heart of this entrepreneurship capacity is a drive and talent for complex problem solving. We have known these identities as entrepreneurs (to create value by starting a business) and intrapreneur leaders (to create value by innovating within a business).

This workshop is for (1) an early stage aspiring entrepreneur desiring to develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in order to move their project/startup forward and (2) an intrapreneur leader desiring to develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills to innovate in their current role within organizations. This workshop addresses that need by capturing the skills and mindsets of high performing entrepreneurs and presenting them in an easily digestible method and playbook. 

The focus of this course is to develop entrepreneurial capacity first and, in the process, also develop participant’s ideas and projects. Therefore, participants are encouraged to be working on their own entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial projects while engaged with the content. Participants will emerge with an expanded entrepreneurial leadership capacity in order to develop entrepreneurial projects either as founders (of their own startups) or as intrapreneur leaders (those driving innovation and change within organizations). The ultimate aspiration for this workshop is to enable us to become those complex problem solvers in order to achieve our dreams and be contributors to the well-being of society.

Course Outline

Module 1: Foundation - Value Propositions

Becoming skilled at identifying and evaluating value propositions is a vital step to becoming an entrepreneur. Learn how to properly frame opportunities as the anchor to the entrepreneurial method.

  • Entrepreneurs will leverage the value proposition as the cornerstone of their startup.
  • Intrapreneur Leaders will leverage the value proposition to capitalize on new opportunities, innovate, and drive organizational change.

Module 2: Mindsets and Skill Development

Mindsets are how we think about and frame situations which sets the course of our actions. They directly impact how we internally respond through thoughts and emotions and how we externally navigate through our actions and behaviors. This module leads us on how to identify our mindsets and shift them. Participants will learn one of the most critical mindsets of entrepreneurs – which is their ability to constantly develop and evolve their skills in response to their ever-changing environment.

  • Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneur Leaders will emerge with a greater understanding of how to identify and shift mindsets. They will also apply a learning strategy for continuous development of entrepreneurial skills.

Module 3: Capitalizing on Opportunity - a Systematic Approach

You have an idea, now what? This module outlines the systematic approach on how to identify customer opportunity, how to properly frame it, and then how to test the validity of the opportunity. (Make it up, test it)

  • Entrepreneurs will leverage this method in startups to test assumptions and validate their value proposition through testing.
  • Intrapreneur Leaders will implement this as a cultural approach to innovation and change, directing their organization on how to identify and act on the most impactful opportunities.

Module 4: An investigator’s mindset

The simplest way to think of an entrepreneur is that they are problem finders and solution generators! Entrepreneurs create opportunities by finding customers with emerging and priority concerns. This module explores one of the critical mindsets of entrepreneurs: opportunity recognition. Then we follow it up with learning how to ignite our creativity to generate innovative solutions.

  • Entrepreneurs will learn how to recognize opportunities in order to develop valid value propositions and initiate new projects.
  • Intrapreneur Leaders will learn how to recognize new business opportunities within their organization as a response to their changing environment.  

Module 5: Our Human Story

Our identity as a human being has significant influence on those opportunities we decide to pursue and how we decide to solve them. Oftentimes, our own personal inconveniences are the initiators of our first venture projects. Great entrepreneurs capture their authenticity and their ‘why’ as a fuel for their engine and as a means for engaging their customers.

  • Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneur Leaders will learn how to investigate and leverage their human story in order to align with their passions, narrate their human story arc, and to influence for advocacy and support.

Module 6: Framing and Experiments

We have to remind ourselves that our ideas and our value propositions are true to us and may not be true to anyone else out there! Testing through planned experiments is how entrepreneurs validate and prove their value propositions before spending any money on things like websites and marketing campaigns.

  • Entrepreneurs will learn how to have an unbiased approach to their value proposition by testing assumptions and validating their ideas.
  • Intrapreneur Leaders will curate ideas to nimbly navigate and capture ‘high value’ opportunities that are emerging within these times of rapid change.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize key entrepreneurial mindsets with effective internal response and external action
  • Implement a strategic learning framework and key entrepreneurial methods to develop entrepreneurial skills and behavior;
  • Apply a systematic entrepreneurial method to identify, generate, and test new opportunities;
  • Examine their own human story as an inspiration of their entrepreneurial identity and share that story for influence and advocacy


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