Course Description

The pandemic and economic crisis in the U.S. has put the issue of gender equality at the heart of discussions among families, leaders, and workers and has exposed the disproportionate amount of household responsibilities, including childcare and eldercare, held by women.

Since February 2020, more than 2.3 million women have left the US labor force compared to 1.8 million men during the same period. The concept of the ‘She-cession’ coined by Dr. C Nicole Mason has brought cultural and policy awareness to business and politics leaders that are grappling with how to entice people back to work.

Meanwhile, the workplace has traditionally been a less attractive and sustainable environment for women, evidenced by the #MeToo movement and challenges to work and have a family. COVID and the ‘She-cession’ revealed the disproportionate impact of challenges for women of color who already faced greater barriers to success in the workplace. While the entire landscape of work is getting an overhaul, how are leaders going to adapt to attract and retain diverse talent? What new tactics are being used to drive diverse and productive teams? How do we create belonging and connection for everyone in virtual, hybrid and in-person workspaces using an intersectional lens?

Building Inclusive Workplaces through the Lens of Women’s Leadership will explore these questions and use peer learning to uncover how companies and organizations can tap into the values and potential of all workers and leverage opportunities that help them show up at work as their full self – which research has proven fuels creativity and innovation. This interactive workshop provides intersectional gender awareness and provides practical tools for leaders committed to tapping underutilized talent in their organizations. Through a 4-module course, leaders will anticipate new questions that leaders and employers must navigate and explore how to address gender equality challenges in the new world of work with an inclusive and intentional approach that will be integral to the success and failure of leaders and their organizations. Participants will gain a high-level, intersectional understanding of how gender impacts decision-making, professional relationships and networks, organizational outputs and key performance indicators and more. The course will examine cutting edge research to illuminate gender differences in leadership style, new trends amid the “She-cession”, and examples of companies that have transformed their approach to leadership and management through an inclusive approach.

With an important pivot to DEI, it is critical that leaders, coaches, and individuals working to improve the workplace understand the transformative opportunities and innovation that they can bring with a diverse lens on gender equality in leadership. Our approach introduces participants through four critical components: awareness, behavior change, policies and accountability. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a new window of opportunity and tools for practically broadening the number of voices and quality of leadership in their organization, relevant to all sectors.

This workshop is intended for business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants from across sectors and anyone who wants to manage and lead teams to see their highest potential.

Course Outline

The four topics of the course represent a continuum of how to approach inclusion within an organization. Participants will follow a journey during the course where they begin with individual awareness, understand how to influence behavior change and effective organizational policies, and ensure there are mechanisms for accountability.

Module 1 - Intro & Awareness

2-hour class followed by a 1-hour small group Learning Lab

Module 2 – Behavior Change

2-hour class followed by a 1-hour small group Learning Lab

Module 3 – Policy

2-hour class followed by a 1-hour small group Learning Lab

Module 4 – Accountability and Transparency

2-hour class 

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how an intersectional lens applied to gender equality in the workplace can accelerate belonging across groups and identities in the workplace;
  • Use greater self-awareness to shift personal behavior and lead others to move from awareness to action;
  • Leverage new strategies for inclusion that include accountability measures; and
  • Lead with intentionality to create workplaces and leaders that value diversity, inclusion and belonging.


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Mischa Thompson, Ph.D.

Dr. Mischa Thompson has worked with policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic to develop and execute strategic diversity and inclusion policies and programs for over two decades. As a specialist in transatlantic and intergroup relations some of Dr. Thompson’s notable efforts include founding capacity-building programs for executive and emerging leaders across North America and Europe.

Kristin Haffert, MS

Kristin Haffert is an expert in women’s leadership and initiatives to advance gender equality. She began her career supporting businesses and public-sector clients with grassroots strategies to integrate social justice objectives. For more than two decades, she has conducted research, developed and delivered programs and practical training tools in more than 100 countries in every region of the world.

Jessica N. Grounds, MS

Jessica Grounds is a recognized thought leader in the space of women’s leadership. She was named to Marie Claire's List of 50 Most Influential Women. She has founded and led multiple organizations to advance women in leadership.

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