Course Description

Professional Speechwriting for Military and Government prepares participants to write speeches for leaders at any level in the military and in government. The course presents practical, step-by-step methods so that speechwriters can analyze an event, work constructively with a speaker, present a topic in the most effective and memorable way, hold the attention of the audience, and achieve the ultimate goal of a speaker by crafting a professional and compelling text. These techniques are presented in the context of the unique nature of military and government communication and occasions, with attention to the use of specialized language, dealing with classified or proprietary material and attendant language, and certain customary requirements associated with remarks such as memorials, dedications, retirements, award ceremonies, expert testimony, changes of command, eulogies, expert-to-public explanations, and statements in times of crisis.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Professional Speechwriting for Military and Government, participants will be able to:

  • Write a complete, compelling, and professional speech appropriate to military and/or government considerations;

  • Write in a variety of speechwriting styles;

  • Write multiple styles of speech openings and closings;

  • Identify and understand the importance of “the big takeaway”;

  • Transform single large claims and arguments into more easily explainable elements;

  • Use language in more creative ways;

  • Employ a methodical approach to persuasive writing;

  • Use emotion to reinforce fact;

  • Analyze an audience and the occasion;

  • Manage the relationship with the speaker/principal and content contributors;

  • Maximize the efficient use of the writer’s time and resources;

  • Review and revise speeches to improve their effectiveness and readability; and

  • Organize the task of speechwriting for the writer, the speaker, and all participants in the process.

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