Course Description

This workshop provides an overview of data-driven decision making to multiple audiences.  Workshop materials align to the learning needs of data adjacent staff, middle managers and C-suite executives.. Throughout the workshop, professional learners will discover the importance of  using data to inform enterprise activities, how to interpret analytic work products and corporate strategies to support a data-driven culture. 

Professional learners will develop a conceptual understanding of data analysis techniques and apply lessons learned during hands-on activities. They will also explore the role that culture and environment play in data-driven decision making, reinforcing the need for data acumen across functional areas and business units. This workshop will highlight how data-driven thinking underscores every functional role to build long-term organizational success. 

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion, you’ll be able to: 

  1. Identify data and its impact on personal and business activities

  2. Make informed decisions using data

  3. Decompose an analytical argument 

  4. Perform interactive analysis using simulated business data

  5. Correlate data products with business outcomes

  6. Classify a data analysis as valid or invalid

  7. Construct formal data requests to inform specific decisions

  8. Explain the strategic and operational value of using data for decision making

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9:00AM to 4:00PM
Sep 10, 2022 to Sep 17, 2022
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