Course Description

This professional internship is a virtual experiential learning opportunity designed to provide professional learners with opportunities to make connections between the theory and practice of academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment. It offers the opportunity to “try-out” skills in a natural work environment and gain relevant experience and professional connections. 

The on-site supervisor and a faculty sponsor guide the completion of the internship, creating a framework for learning and reflection in combination with the professional learner. Based on their interests, skills, and career goals, the faculty mentor places students in reputable organizations. 

To ensure a supportive and enriching internship experience, the faculty mentor and on-site supervisor conduct regular check-ins and mentoring sessions. Students should complete assigned tasks, actively contribute to projects, and maintain professionalism throughout the internship. Additionally, students must respond to weekly discussion questions on the Canvas platform provided by the faculty member. 

Bi-weekly meetings with the faculty member are required to assess progress. Finally, students are responsible for submitting a reflection paper after the internship, highlighting their accomplishments and learnings from the experience. The internship course spans 30 hours of work over 6 weeks.


The Fall 2023 Professional Internship course is open to professional learners who have earned a Georgetown Certificate in Data Science or a Certificate in Data Analytics.  


Professional learners are required to complete an application for consideration to register for the Professional Internship course.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives:

1. Integrate knowledge and skills into a practical experience

2. Demonstrate expertise in a chosen field

3. Evaluate the internship experience as it relates to career goals and personal development 

Course Prerequisites

  1. Satisfactory completion of a SCS PDC certificate

  2. Completion of the application process

Applies Towards the Following Certificates



Application for the Professional Internships
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Sep 16, 2024 to Oct 28, 2024
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Course Tuition
Tuition non-credit $895.00
Section Notes

The Fall 2024 Professional Internship course is open to professional learners who have completed a Georgetown Certificate in

  • Data Science or
  •  Data Analytics, or
  •  Project Management, or
  • Social Media Management

For assistance contact pdcprograms@georgetown.edu

For more information about the Professional Internship program, please contact Dr. Lisa Andrews, lisa.andrews@georgetown.edu

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