Course Description

This comprehensive certificate program offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications of genAI in the context of team productivity. You will explore how AI can transform traditional team dynamics, enabling more efficient scheduling, seamless communication, and dynamic collaboration. Our curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between technological potential and practical implementation, ensuring that participants can apply AI solutions effectively across various organizational functions.

Participants will engage with real-world case studies and hands-on projects facilitated by industry experts. This approach ensures that participants not only understand the capabilities of genAI but can also confidently apply these tools to optimize their team's productivity. By the end of the program, participants will be adept at identifying opportunities for AI integration, implementing AI-driven strategies for team management, and fostering an environment that embraces continuous innovation and learning.


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI and Prompting (1 week) Generative AI can boost worker productivity and unlock numerous possibilities for teams and individuals. This module provides participants with an understanding of GenAI – its principles, practical uses, and how it can be a game changer for enhancing productivity in collaborative environments as well as personal undertakings.

Module 2: Prompting Techniques and Introduction to Evaluation (1 week) Covering topics from advanced prompting methods to the fundamentals of output evaluation, this module combines conceptual knowledge with practical, hands-on exercises. Participants will engage directly with GenAI tools, applying what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios to refine and assess their prompting techniques. Participants will thoroughly understand how to interact with GenAI systems effectively and leverage these skills to improve their work processes.

Module 3: Prompting Evaluation and Iteration (1 week) This module covers a range of crucial topics, equipping participants with the skills to refine their interactions with GenAI systems for optimal task performance. It includes the strategic selection of prompting technique, principles of output evaluation, the iterative process of prompt refinement, and the assessment of the financial and productivity impacts of GenAI tool integration.

Module 4: Generative AI for Productivity Tasks (1 week) This module aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to leverage the transformative potential of GenAI tools in elevating productivity across various professional tasks. Participants will explore how GenAI can revolutionize tasks in communications, project and product management, automation, and augmentation.

Module 5: Generative AI for Content Creation (1 week) This module focuses on the transformative role of GenAI in the landscape of content creation, blending innovation with traditional methodologies to enhance and expedite the production of content. Throughout the module, participants will explore an overview of how GenAI is revolutionizing content creation, from augmenting the capabilities of content creators to initiating new forms of content that were previously unattainable.

Module 6: Generative AI for Research and Strategy (1 week) This module highlights how GenAI can revolutionize strategic thinking and execution within the spheres of business development, planning, and research. The curriculum includes a thorough overview of GenAI applications within business strategy, covering essential techniques such as SWOT analysis, strategic frameworks, customer persona development, and advanced data analysis. 

Module 7: Generative AI for Specialized Tasks (1 week) This module empowers participants to harness the power of GenAI to create specialized solutions without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Participants will learn about the principles of no-code and low-code platforms and applications and the significant opportunities these platforms offer for innovation and efficiency, alongside the practical steps for their integration into business processes.

Module 8: Capstone Presentations (1 week) This module combines all the concepts learned in the capstone project over the past seven weeks. The capstone project culminates in the creation of a 5-minute asynchronous presentation and a written report. In their presentations, participants will perform a comprehensive analysis of the Sample-Superstore sales data to identify potential areas for business improvement, cost reduction, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop an educational program and identify opportunities for continuous learning within their organizations for the adoption of GenAI technologies.
  2. Streamline and reduce the time spent on content creation, communications, and project management tasks by effectively leveraging GenAI tools.
  3. Apply advanced prompting techniques to enhance the output quality for tasks related to content creation, communications, and project management.
  4. Evaluate prompt outputs and iteratively refine prompts for optimal results.
  5. Select the most appropriate GenAI tools based on individual or team needs and integrate these technologies into daily workflows, including research, data analysis, and more.
  6. Identify routine tasks that can be automated with GenAI tools or leveraged to enhance efficiency. 
  7. Showcase examples where GenAI tools were used creatively to address unique problems.
  8. Measure increased productivity attributable to GenAI usage.
  9. Utilize GenAI to make informed decisions, from gathering and analyzing stakeholder input to systematically evaluating options against strategic objectives.


All course materials are included with the price of tuition.

Each student will be required to have a month-to-month subscription to ChatGPT 4

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Sep 23, 2024 to Nov 17, 2024
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Tuition non-credit $3,995.00
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  • Tuesdays, 7-9 pm ET required live Zoom video class meetings.

  • All course materials are included with the price of tuition.

  • Each student will be required to have a month-to-month subscription to ChatGPT 4



Self-directed Learning Plus (SDL+)


Designed  to maximize flexibility for your weekly learning schedule, while also providing opportunities for real-time engagement and networking with our faculty and other professional learners.

There is a required Zoom class session each week. Professional learners who cannot attend the class session will have the opportunity to satisfy the course requirement by making arrangements with the instructor, watching the recorded video, and responding to discussion questions.

Each course module will have assignment and assessment deadlines to support students in progressing in a timely manner to the successful completion of the certificate Offered in small class sizes (< 24) to provide quality instructional and social interactions with the instructor and other students.

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