0005 - Essay Writing Workshop
XJDS-001-1 - Sports and Entertainment Management
XJDS-003 - Forensics: Crime Scene Investigation
XJDS-006-2 - Essay Writing Workshop
XJDS-013 - Acting and Improvisation
XJDS-015 - Speaking Out! Public Speaking
XJDS-017 - Understanding Business, Markets and Investing
XJDS-018 - Pre-Algebra
XJDS-019 - English as a Second Language
XJDS-021I - Analyze This!
XJDS-023 - Digital Photography & Computer Enhancement
XJDS-025 - Become an Entrepreneur - Business Start Up
XJDS-027 - Leaders of Tomorrow
XJDS-028 - Mock Trial - Order in the Court
XJDS-029 - Artificial Intelligence Academy
XJDS-030 - Blockchain Technology Academy
XJDS-031 - Robotics Academy
XJDS-032 - Smartphone Photography
XSPP-0005 - Essay Writing Workshop
XSPP-0006 - Journalism and Reporting
XSPP-002 - United States Government
XSPP-02 - American Economics & Business
XSPP-020 - Exploring Law - An Introduction to Careers in Law
XSPP-021 - Trial By Jury
XSPP-025 - Introduction to Communication Studies and Mass Media
XSPP-027 - Introduction to Psychology
XSPP-028 - Strategies of Entrepreneurship
XSPP-037 - Exploring Medicine: An Introduction to Careers in Medicine
XSPP-039 - English as a Second Language
XSPP-043 - Introduction to International Relations and Foreign Policy
XSPP-045 - Sociology and Society
XSPP-05 - Essay Writing Workshop & Academic Writing for International Students
XSPP-052 - Fundamental Techniques of Debate and Public Speaking
XSPP-059 - Forensics: Crime Scene Investigation
XSPP-061 - Newscasting and Investigative Reporting
XSPP-062 - Global Leadership Skills and Agents of Social Change
XSPP-063 - English for University Success
XSPP-065 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Academy
XSPP-068 - Introduction to Blockchain Technology Academy
XSPP-069 - Introduction to Cyber Security Academy
XSPP-070 - Robotics
XSPP-133 - Express English
XSPP024 - Sports and Entertainment Law


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