XCOA-046 - Leading Performance: Engaging and Developing Employees
XCOA-900 - Being a Facilitator
XCOA-901 - The Art of Facilitation Design
XCOA-902 - Facilitating Teams and Groups
XCOA-910 - Applying the Theory of Polarities
XCOA-911 - The Polarities of Leadership and Relationships
XCOA-912 - Polarities in Teams, Organizations, and the World
XCOA-925 - Principles of Mindfulness
XCOA-926 - The Coach Entrepreneur: Building Your Coaching Business
XCOA-927 - Public Sector Leadership in Challenging Times
XCOA-930 - Transformational Leadership Coaching: Cura Personalis and the Global Story
XCOA-931 - Leading from Values
XCOA-932 - Leadership Communication: Conversation Strategies for Getting Results
XCOA-933 - Career Visioning for Managers
XCOA-934 - Mastering Your Leadership Presence
XCOA-935 - Driving an Entrepreneurial Culture
XCOA-936 - A Coach's Toolbox
XCOA-938 - Authentic Leadership
XCOA-939 - Leader Lab
XCOA-940 - Leadership Moves: The Art of Reframing Problems
XCOA-944 - The Art of Facilitation: Tools to Transform Individual and Group Performance
XCOA-949 - Women’s Leadership in Action: Tools & Tactics to Transform the Workplace
XCOA-950 - Circle Process: Facilitation Training
XCOA-951 - WOKE: Creating a New Normal on Race, One Conversation at a Time
XCOA-952 - Principles of Transformation
XCOA-955 - Coaching Skills for Leaders in Higher Education
XCOA-956 - Coaching for Presence-Based® Leadership
XCPD-164 - Building an Effective Business Foundation: Corporate Financial Strategy
XCPD-165 - Building an Effective Business Foundation: Fiscal Leadership in Government
XCPD-170 - Creativity, Innovation, and Strategy
XCPD-441 - Basic Foundations: Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership
XCPD-442 - Organization and Change Theory
XCPD-443 - Interventions: Intention, Impact and Results
XCPD-444 - Essential Facilitation Skills for Consultants and Leaders
XCPD-445 - Group Dynamics: Facilitating the Human Element in Organizational Change
XCPD-446 - Organizational Consulting Capstone
XCPD-447 - Engagement: Data Collection and Analysis; Preparing Client Feedback
XCPD-448 - Organizational Consulting & Change Leadership
XMED-526 - Health & Wellness Subject Matter Knowledge Integration
XMED-527 - Health and Wellness Focus Topics
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