0009 - Managing Artificial Intelligence
499 - Natural Language Understanding and its Applications
XBUS-0010 - Managing Artificial Intelligence
XBUS-0050 - Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Management
XBUS-400 - Data Analytics
XBUS-401 - Seminar: How can financial services leverage AI and ML today?
XBUS-464 - The Future of Franchising
XBUS-490 - Python Basics for Data Analysis
XBUS-493 - SQL Fundamentals
XBUS-499 - Natural Language Understanding and its Applications
XBUS-500 - Foundations of Data Analytics and Data Science
XBUS-501 - Software Engineering for Data
XBUS-502 - Data Sources and Storage
XBUS-503 - Data Ingestion and Wrangling
XBUS-504 - Data Analysis I: Statistics
XBUS-505 - Data Analysis II: Machine Learning
XBUS-506 - Visual Analytics
XBUS-507 - Applied Data Science
XBUS-510 - Managing Unstructured Data Storage with ElasticSearch
XBUS-511 - Diagnostics for More Informed Machine Learning
XBUS-512 - Introduction to AI and Deep Learning
XBUS-513 - Interactive Visualizations Toolkit: D3 and Altair
XBUS-514 - Image Classification and Object Detection
XBUS-515 - Time Series Analyses and Databases
XBUS-516 - Building Effective Data Teams
XBUS-518 - Data Warehouses & ETLs
XBUS-519 - Machine Learning Creativity
XBUS-990 - Blockchain Technologies Management
XCPD-030 - Principles of Management
XCPD-031 - Principles of Marketing
XCPD-032 - Communication in Organizations
XCPD-033 - Business Accounting
XCPD-034 - Financial Management
XCPD-035 - Business Policy
XCPD-290 - Elements of Organizational Performance
XCPD-291 - Strategic Alignment: The Balanced Scorecard Model
XCPD-292 - Performance Measurement and Evaluation
XCPD-293 - Measuring Human and Intellectual Capital Development
XCPD-299 - Strategic Planning and Execution
XCPD-432 - Communicating Organizational Results
XCPD-462 - Managing a Franchise Business
XCPD-463 - Building Blocks of Franchising
XCPD-500 - Global Business Strategy
XCPD-501 - International Trade and Policy
XCPD-502 - International Marketing Management
XCPD-503 - Global Organizational Behavior and International Human Resource Management
XCPD-504 - International Finance
XCPD-510 - International Logistics
XCPD-598 - Fundamentals of the Franchise Model
XCPD-599 - Franchise Management Theory and Practice
XCPD-894 - Managing Human Capital for Peak Performance
XCPD-896 - Unlocking Organizational Innovation
XCPD-897 - Wearing the CFO Hat: Corporate Financial Strategy
XCPD-898 - Developing Executive Negotiation Skills
XCPD-901 - Strategic Management
XCPD-902 - Strategic Management
XMGR-200 - The Lean Startup Introduced
XMGR-201 - The Lean Startup Applied
XMGR-202 - Building Your Lean Startup
XSPP-001-3 - Fundamentals of Business: Leadership in a Global Economy
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