0007 - Future44 Career Coaching
164 - Patient Centered Ethics & Effective Communication
171 - Divide and Multiply: How to Benefit from Donor Segmentation
XCPD-145 - Regulation and Development of Small and Mid-size Business
XCPD-410 - Business Writing Workshop
XCPD-569 - Health Services Administration and Policy
XCPD-571 - Environmental Health
XCPD-572 - Epidemiology
XCPD-573 - Human Behavioral Science
XCPD-613 - Strategic Communications Planning in a Social Media World
XCPD-656 - Creating Advanced Proficiency in the English Language
XCPD-776 - Advanced Speech Writing
XCPD-907 - Georgetown University Leadership Academy To Address Disparities in Mental Health Care
XCUS-103 - Heritage Foundation: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selecting Employees
XCUS-104 - Georgetown-ISMA Leadership Program – Cohort 10
XCUS-105 - Privacy & Data Security - Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia
XCUS-106 - Data Storytelling - Colgate
XCUS-110 - CSCDF: Higher Education Management
XCUS-112 - RANEPA: Forms and Method for State Stimulation of the Development of Smalll and Medium-Sized Enterprises
XCUS-113 - Leading with Emotional Intelligence
XCUS-114 - Influencing without Authority
XCUS-130 - Managing for Inclusion: Leveraging Diversity in the Workplace
XCUS-131 - Communication in Organizations - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-132 - Leading and Managing People
XCUS-133 - Business Accounting - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-134 - Principles of Marketing - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-135 - Financial Management - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-136 - Principles of Management - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-137 - Business Policy - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-138 - Principles of Finance - Dog Tag Inc.
XCUS-150 - Finding Your Voice: Mastering Your Professional Persona
XCUS-151 - Entrepreneurship
XCUS-152 - Business Administration Capstone Course
XCUS-154 - Principles of Marketing
XCUS-155 - Essentials for Managing Projects
XCUS-157 - Introduction to Fixed Income Securities - Fannie Mae
XCUS-158 - Communications in Organizations
XCUS-159 - Emergency & Disaster Management in the United States: Preparedness for Earthquakes
XCUS-160 - Emergency & Disaster Management in the United States: Preparedness and Response Exercises
XCUS-161 - Writing for Paralegals
XCUS-162 - Administrative Law
XCUS-163 - Civil Procedure
XCUS-164 - Patient Centered Ethics and Effective Communication
XCUS-166 - Administrative Investigations & Effective Report Writing - USDA
XCUS-167 - Using Communication to Transform Results - GU-SFS
XCUS-168 - Seeing Yourself as a Leader - GU-SFS
XCUS-169 - Developing Your Future Vision - GU-SFS
XCUS-170 - Identifying and Understanding Your Ideal Donor
XCUS-172 - Creating Donor Journeys to Foster Loyalty and Create Evangelists
XCUS-173 - Focus on Continuous Improvement: Reducing Friction Points
XCUS-190 - XCUS-190 Chinese Foreign Policy
XCUS-191 - XCUS-191 Principles of International Negotiation
XCUS-192 - XCUS-192 Strategic Diplomacy
XCUS-193 - XCUS-193 Current Perspectives & Future Trends in Diplomacy
XCUS-201-01 - Finance for Non-Financial Managers-Selex Galileo Inc.
XCUS-204 - The Coach-Approach to Leading, Managing and Developing Others-Berkeley Point Capital
XCUS-205 - The Role of Manager as Leader - Nakilat
XCUS-206 - The Role of Manager as Communicator - Nakilat
XCUS-306 - Child Protection Specialist Professional Development Program - Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority
XCUS-601 - Higher Education Management
XCUS-904 - International Security Management Association (ISMA) Leadership Program - Phase II
XCUS-906 - International Security Management Association (ISMA) Leadership Program - Phase III
XHRM-500 - The Evolution of Diversity in Health Care
XHRM-501 - Legal/Regulatory and Ethical Issues
XHRM-502 - Cultural Competency and Health Care Disparities
XHRM-503 - 21st Century Health Care
XHRM-504 - Reflection/DDAP
XHRM-505 - Strategic Development and Implementation
XHRM-506 - Data Analysis and Community Assessment
XHRM-507 - Language Services and Quality
XHRM-508 - Marketing and Communication
XHRM-509 - Diversity and Change Leadership
XHRM-510 - M1 - Diversity as a Driver of Organizational Excellence
XHRM-511 - M2 - Distance: Individual Diversity Projects
XHRM-512 - M3 - Determing a Data Driven Value Proposition
XHRM-513 - M4 - Distance: Diversity Action Plan
XHRM-514 - M5 - Leading Change
XHRM-515 - M6 - Diversity Action Plan Implementation
XHRM-516 - M7 - Distance:Results Driven Approaches
XHRM-517 - M8 - Distance: Diversity Metrics
XHRM-518 - Diversity and Talent Management
XHRM-519 - M9 - Presentations
XHRM-520 - Supplier Diversity
XHRM-521 - Interactive Lab
XMED-001 - Grant Writing Seminar
XMED-002 - Grant Writing Workshop
XMED-003 - Ethics, Regulations, and Study Implementation for Research Involving Human Subjects
XPSI-501 - Legal Research and Writing
XPSI-502 - Corporate Law Practice
XPSI-503 - Introduction to Litigation
XPSI-504 - Contract Law
XPSI-507 - Paralegal Seminar
XPSI-508 - Advanced Legal Writing Seminar
XPSI-509 - Advanced Litigation and Trial Practice
XPSI-510 - Tort Law
XPSI-513 - Introduction to Criminal Law & Practice
XPSI-522 - Legal Ethics
XPSI-523 - Legal Technology
XPSI-524 - Paralegal Seminar II
XSPP-114 - Critical College Writing
XSPP-115 - Foundations of Biology
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